The world is beautiful, magnificient, marvelous,exquisite or whatever i say , its because the way i interpret it. For some person same world may be cruel , selfish , filled with envy and so on . its because how they reacted to the world. Its our own perception that hits us everyday defining what’s good , what’s bad, what’s beautiful , what’s ugly , what’s enticing or what’s boring. Let me just brief it down. its your logic based on our previous experiences. So all we have is to gain experience to make ourself more logical. Experience calls for expertise. Its completely upon you to gain expertise. It only matters on what field you are trying to get expertise upon. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to be until and unless you try to live others life, start comparing your life with them.

Me myself Ashish Thapa currently Computer Engineering student in Kathmandu University.  I write about logic from the experience that i gain  from every single chance that unknown energy inside my heart gives. Most important thing i have is time and all i want is to live many lives and influence billion hearts. i learn to win but life has now at least given me a taste of defeat and importance of patience and how that can be appropriate at times to build myself so i will promise to share. so this is revolution letter in logic framework.