Migrating my posts to another website

Market doesn’t value those blogs that doesn’t target readers with specific interest. What do i mean by reader with specific interest? Well readers who visit the post through means of social media or search engine, if they find the whole site relevant for them or for their questionnaire then the reader is going to hang up to this blog. Catering to oe type of user base might make this blog stand out among the crowd like MarkManson.net who writes self-help blogs and books, like MarieClaire.co.uk whose fashion posts standout among other posts in search engine. There are numerous other examples but their content have some central theme. If one post raises question another one answers it. so i guess Migration of anecdotes and broad topics hosted in this blog is necessary and as 2020 is nearing and Here i am with my yearly goal setting practice to vow my interest in blogging that caters users with specific interest and convert this blog more into brand rather than collection of garbage that is search engine repellent.

So Where will all my garbage posts be?

Come on it’s a garbage but if you really want to me better , Even my insecurities and weakness and how i have evolved over the years head into my portfolio website. Ashishthapa.tech

When will this come into effect?

2 to 3 months depending on my schedule. The list of thingies that needs to be performed before migration includes:

  • Define a central theme for website
  • Brainstorm Web tools relevant to specific user base like Unicode converter for bilingual people that ashesh.com.np did.
  • Presence among every relevant social site with our own logo.
  • understand SEO(Search Engine optimization) methodologies

Fate of this Website

This started as coalition between my friend Anish Puri and me. While both of us haven’t been able to catch up to standards we had set when we started out but now we will raise our blogging standards and SEO and trust me no garbage content from the both sides. Topics are diverse but we are sure to settle down to one of the emerging content type that doesn’t have short life span and helps us boost our lives by providing us passive income while we learn about how society, money and computers function. If Logicaletter is sure to be brand or more like a startup and our plans not constrained within blogs only but with creation physical product for market then let’s hope the circle of friends who will share our passion will lead to path of success. 4 years -> shift+4 equals $ so what about it? lets try this out.

This is Ashish Thapa. It's just a name after all. Just had a thought that our names should signify our situation and should be dynamic. What if our name upgraded with respect to experiences acquired.

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