A Slight change in plans

Let me give a slight context about what i am trying to convey here. So the short story is that Computer addiction has eaten me from inside. Particularly computer game is one of the protagonist in the story of my addiction. My goals has been blurred, my plans hasn’t gone the way i want it to follow and this blog remained untouched for a long time. So i guess it is time to change. This post also decides the fate of this blog site and the content it promises to deliver.

Thank God It’s Computer Addiction(TGICA)

The heading says it all, its just a computer addiction. What can i do about it?Sit down and watch my life getting ruined while grabbing a popcorn.While if i don’t act now that’s the fate But i am exited to announce that my determination to overcome the barrier of computer addiction has been magnified. For my own good i want to prove myself it’s easy as a cake walk. But Micheal here you ask, isn’t cake slippery? What are the chances that you might fall?The cake i am talking about has a special name SMIOPo*n because Social Media, Online *.io games and Po*n are the primary ingredients that bake the cake. That is the reason the cake is slippery and chances of falling down are too high. But i have a army of resistance in form of determination and motivation.Even if my readers are imaginary i guess i might share them about my world dominating plan to overcome this waste of time.

Letter of Morning Ritual

So I have promised myself that when i wake up i will repeat the verses of my morning ritual that encapsulates my morning routine.

New Life, Just a nudge towards the change
I have the power to shape my day,
Words and deeds my action heeds for a range
Help me Bring a synapse of synchronized play
A peek at my goals, and a promise of eloquent plans
A pen and a paper 
For what it is able to do 
Help me avoid delinquency and a state of trance
For motivation that stays with my consciousness,
Help me amplify with a transistor of sheer dedication and kindness
For the love for my life, Help me share it to everyone
For those who injures me, Give me power to forgive them 
And Water the elixir of life,
Revive me for all the task my dreams provide
My morning ritual

The important parts that has significant meaning are :

  1. A peek at my goals, and a promise of eloquent plans A pen and a paper

    I have a diary where i list all my future goals to accomplish.So this reminds me about the goals i planned and clears the fuzz.The second clause reminds me to create a To-do list for today.
  2. Water the Elixir of life

    What can be better way than starting the day with a glass of soothing warm water? Maybe A cup of coffee for you caffeine addicts but i don’t want my water molecules to share a relation with additives such as caffeine or as chemist would say trimethylxanthine.

Stick the notes

Did you know that Those dark screens on current-less computer and laptop monitors can talk to you. I am not hallucinating neither i am on drugs but try buying some sticky notes to write all the reasons to bring a life to a computer and paste it on the left and right sides of the panel to give a feeling of eyes . When you start to list the task, the monitors will evolve to have a mouth that yells and tortures the unnecessary and unproductive habits that you perform at the booted computer. I have promised myself to make sure that there should be at least 5 tasks on queue to be performed in computer then i can get a pass to open my computer.

To-Do(ay) or Never

To-Do list is like map in the forest of life. You don’t need one just to wander around but if you want to get out of it and enjoy the mountain that’s outside the forest, you might need guidance and that’s exactly what my to-do list does. My style of assigning task is CTF method or capture the flag method which i will create a separate blog describing how it works and You can click this link if it has been finished writing.

Fly like the words in the pages of tasty book -Basically Read a book

What cuts a diamond? What cuts the addiction? Diamond cuts the diamond and Addiction cuts addiction. In the spectrum of addiction, book reading is one of the productive and life changing species. I am going to Start by getting some motivational books such as Laws of success by Nepolean Hill and How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Regulate my computer usage through the superpower of Self-control

When my task queue contains more than 5 tasks to conquer, i will have to boot my computer but with a promise of finishing the task within time limit of 2 hours. Basically i am trying to regulate the time and understand my internet usage trend. This will also help me be more productive.

The fate of this Blog site

My posts , my writing skills are really immature and is not good content at all. So I am shifting the paradigm and give my best to really improve my writing skills and focus on blogging tools such as SEO, online presence, Digital marketing etc. If i found something worth sharing then i will make sure to simplify it and create a post. My content has only been how to tutorials that you can find within the books. My paradigm shift is yelling me that repeating same things is just absurd and stupid. Maybe it’s time to start something new such as book review, comments on contemporary issues and current affairs and experience that i gain.This blog post is the mark that i am starting to take blogging seriously.

What else?

I promise to deliver a blog once every seven days. Let this be the post that embarks new journey in the world of blogging. When i will be deep into the tunnel of life and decide to look back, let this post be the source of light that reminds me of the difference that made within my life.

This is Ashish Thapa. It's just a name after all. Just had a thought that our names should signify our situation and should be dynamic. What if our name upgraded with respect to experiences acquired.

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