Understanding inheritance in java : SuperclassVariable can reference a Subclass Variable

Superclass : A parent class Subclass : A child class that inherits Superclass
class A{    //superclass or parent class
//some generic code
class B extends A{ //subclass or child class of A
//some generic code 
it may seem esoteric at first, but its true that superclass variable can reference a subclass object .This aspect is quite useful when superclass object needs parameters same as subclass object which is not part of that superclass object. Let’s take a example , Suppose Parent A is eligible for being a parent but does not have a child. Child A is child of Parent B . Parent A can have genes of Parent B , but not all of Child A. This statement is true in java . Here is the code to prove the statement.There are 3 java files.You can download whole project from here. InheritanceExample.zip
  1. parentclass.java
 class parentClass {
    private String name;
   private String initials;
    parentClass(String name ,String initials){
        this.name = name;
        this.initials = initials;
        System.out.println("che ");
    String show(){
        return name+" "+initials;
class childclass extends parentClass  {
    private int age;
    childclass(String name,String initials,int age){
       this.age = age;
    public int showAge(){
        return age;
public class InheritanceExample {

 public static void main(String[] args){
     childclass child = new childclass("barsha","BT",7);
     parentClass Parent =new parentClass();
     //till this point the output will be n/a n/a and 7as there is no parameter passed for parentClass
     //Now lets try something new like Superclass referencing subClass
     Parent = child;
     System.out.println(Parent.show()); // this will be valid as show is the part of Parent class 
     //the output will be barsha BT
     //System.out.println(Parent.showAge()); this wont be valid as showAge is not the part of superclass
     //actually Parent does not know anything about its child i.e what is happening within it so child part will not be transferred.
  Take a look at inheritanceExample.java   .When Superclass references Subclass it is important to remember that it is the type of reference variable-not the type of objects that it refers to-that determines what members can be accessed. Superclass A can take reference from Superclass B through Subclass B but it can’t access any part of Subclass B. That is the reason why showAge() can’t be accessed by Parent instance. //System.out.println(Parent.showAge()); I hope it is making sense since i have no or very less traffic when i am writing this so when i review my blog i hope i understand what i am writing right now.
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