Alias Linux command


to substitute a String in place of commands used in linux. Note: commands can include paramaters too.

  • If you are familar with CMD then you would certainly know cls clears the screen. but in linux shell there is command called clear to wipe out terminal junk. so if i want to use cls in linux or unix like OS terminals then i would use
alias cls='clear'

Next time if i want my screen cleared i can use


  • if i want to create a file where owner can only read,write or execute the file then .to set file access permission before creating a file
alias owneronly = 'umask u=rwx,g=,o= '

then i can create a file with that specific file mode. if i use owneronly


  • pwd displays the current directory we are in. so instead of typing pwd i can just type p by setting
alias p='echo $pwd'
  • if i want to prevent accidental deletion of files then i can set
alias rm ='rm -i'

rm -i basically means ask before deleting.


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